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The global food system knows many gaps

  • Agricultural practices are destroying forests and threaten biodiversity 

  • Our food system is responsible for 25% of global CO2-emmissions

  • ⅓ of the food we produce globally goes to waste

  • 820 million people go to bed with hunger each day

  • 2 billion people are lacking in micronutrients, while 650 million people are obese.

  • The hidden costs for our health and ecology loss are $12 trillion per year.


This system cannot be sustained!

Broken Trunk


The food system should take care of consumer, farmers, and the planet

We believe chefs and food professionals are game changers. They are the perfect ambassadors and educators to help people evolve towards a more sustainable and healthy diet without sacrificing deliciousness.


Eating the gap provides inspiration, actionable insights and future-forward solutions to food professionals and chefs to make the needed transition.

We want to overcome the gaps. Let's eat them together.

Fresh Bread Rolls


Eating the Gap is organized by Foodpairing, with the support of our project partners:

The EIT Food Ambassador programme is funded by EIT Food, Europe’s leading food innovation initiative, with the aim of creating a sustainable and future-proof food sector. The initiative includes a consortium of key industry players, start-ups, research centres and universities from across Europe. It is one of six Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KIC) established by the European Institute for Innovation & Technology (EIT), an independent EU body set up in 2008 to promote innovation and entrepreneurship across Europe.

The EIT Food Ambassadors programme aims to set up a network of food influencers to engage consumers on topics of public interest like sustainable sourcing, fighting food waste, food technology, and healthier meals. Together, we explore the many gaps that still characterize the inefficiencies in current food systems, and turn these gaps into opportunities to experience food differently, to improve social bonds and to create a more conscious community. In this way the Ambassadors programme intends to be a facilitator for influencers’ communication of science-based information and trends to the public, driving their engagement and improving our understanding of the current challenges in the food chain.


EIT Food aims to collaborate closely with consumers to develop new knowledge and technology-based products and services that will ultimately deliver a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle for all European citizens.

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