Plant-BAsed Revolution

Opening speech Plant-Based Revolution

Kevin Major | Event moderator

Bernard Lahousse | Foodpairing

Keynote - Effective strategies for adopting plant-based foods

Sophie Attwood | World Resources Institute

Jane Upritchard | Compass Group at Google 

Find their full report here

Water Lentils a.k.a Duckweed

Michael Vrijmoed | Vrijmoed**

An Callens | Vives University of Applied Sciences

Find their full report here

Old Apple & Pear varieties

Jonas & Laurence Haegeman | De Vijf Seizoenen

Marc Lateur | CRA-Wallonie

RadicL - Vegetables radically re-invented

Peter Coucquyt | Radicl Michelin-star chef

Johan Langenbick | Radicl food designer

Support their crowdfunding campaign

Upgrading wasted soil to Mycoprotein

Yves Mattagne | Seagrill**

Michael Kilkie | 3FBIO

Vegan Charcuterie

Nicolas Decloedt | Humus x Hortense

Maxime Willems | Foodlab Proef

In transition - preservation & fermentation

Sang-Hoon Degeimbre | L'air du Temps**

“We are chefs. We are here to give a kick to tradition”

Korea: vegetables, flavors and fermentation

Anh Sung-Jae | Mosu Seoul**

Mingoo Kang | Mingles**

Keynote - Ingredients for change: towards planet-based diets

Sarah Halevy | WWF - UK

Find the #eatplanetbased tool here

Find the Future 50 Foods here

Yacon & Ube - the Phillipine purple yam

Jordy Navarra | Toyo Eatery

Sebastien Wygaerts | Ogst*

An Callens | Vives University of Applied Sciences

Mushroom farming in Brussels

Alain Coumont | Le Pain Quotidien & Le Botaniste

Julien Jacquet | Permafungi

Saving the DNA of Russian taste through saving rare species

Anatoly Kazakov | Selfie

Healthier Meals

Opening speech Healthier Meals

Kevin Major | Event moderator

Bernard Lahousse | Foodpairing

Keynote - Back to the Roots

Ana Roš | Hiša Franko**

STOP Obesity - personal flavor recommendations to increase vegetable intake

Franco Sassi | EIT Health

Peter Coucquyt | Foodpairing

Bernard Lahousse | Foodpairing

Read more about the project here

Food for the Brain

Rudi van Beylen | Hof ten Damme

Prof. Dr. Paul Boon | 4Brain

Keynote - The Black Swan in White Rabbit

Vladimir Mukhin | White Rabbit

Sustainable Gastronomy

OMG Van Eyck was here: cooking off the painting

Olly Ceulenaere | Publiek*

Annelies van Wittenberghe | Ghent University

Visit Ghent! (after COVID-19)

Until then: get Closer to van Eyck

Mouthwatering chocolates after laryngectomy

Julius Persoone | The Chocolate Line

Dr. Thomas Moors | Shout at Cancer

Bernard Lahousse | Foodpairing

Learn more at:

Personalized Nutrition in Professional Sports

Keynote - Mater Iniciativa

Marlena Martinez | Virgilio Martinez

Ingredients for gut health: food-microbiome-mood

Lieven Lootens | Dr. Maria Traka

Personal nutrition meets intuitive cuisine

Arabelle Meirlaen | Barbara Sladek | Bernard Lahousse

Personal science: understanding your microbiome

Richard Sprague

The Microbiome - multisensorial and mood-altering

Heston Blumenthal



Opening speech Kitchen 4.0

Kevin Major | Bernard Lahousse

Keynote - The state of the art of FoodTech in Europe

Alessio D'Antino

Keynote - The Digital Restaurant - Client Experience

Erich Eichstetter

Dark Kitchens - The multi-brand Restaurant

Zhong Xu

Tock - A new perspective on multi-channel food operations

Nick Kokonas

COVID-19 & the immune supporting diet

Victor Penev | Peter Coucquyt | Bernard Lahousse

What to cook when you lost your taste and smell to COVID-19?

Christophe Hardiquest | Pascal Barbot | Prof. Masha Niv 

Keynote - Good Food is Good Business

Max Elder

Cell-based fat - towards slaughter-free meat

Dirk von Heinrichshorst

Introducing insects to Western diets

Willem Hiele | Christian Bärtsch

Mugaritz - texture is king

Andoni Luis Aduriz

Self-service catering on ** level

The North Sea Chefs

Growing food in extreme conditions

Benjamin Vidmar

The Spacebakery: learning points for the earth

Filip Arnaut & Maarten Vandecruys

Mirazur - The Plastic-Free Restaurant

Mauro Colagreco

A message of hope


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