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Foodpairing & EIT Food present EATING THE GAP

Official Press Release by Foodpairing NV & EIT Food

For a brand new worldwide live virtual event the creators of The Flemish Primitives bring together the game changers of our food system. World class top chefs, top researchers and innovative startups will join together all over the world in a day long live event that will combine the latest virtual and online streaming technologies to create the most immersive virtual food experience ever. Eating the Gap will bring together journalists, chefs, foodies and food professionals from all over the world. 100 selected social media influencers with a combined reach of 1.2 million people in Europe will broadcast the event live.


Agricultural practices are destroying forests and threatening biodiversity. Our food system is responsible for 25% of global CO2-emissions. While ⅓ of the food we produce goes to waste, 820 million people go to bed everyday with hunger. More so, 2 billion people are lacking in micronutrients, while 650 million people are obese. The hidden costs of this food system for our health and ecology loss are $12 trillion per year and will grow to $16 trillion (equaling the GDP of China).

Of course this wasteful system cannot be sustained. The food system should be taking care of us, the farmers, and the planet. Experts agree that encouraging people to adopt a more plant-rich diet is important to reduce the impact of food on the climate and improve your health.

Chefs, food service and the food industry are game changers. They are the perfect ambassadors and educators to inspire, inform and engage people towards a more sustainable and healthy diet without sacrificing deliciousness.

The Event

Eating the Gap is an international virtual conference inspiring and engaging people all over the world through chefs towards healthy and sustainable food. On a virtual stage we pair the world’s best chefs with food innovators, showcasing and sharing knowledge on sustainable, healthy and future-proof food. State-of-the-art camera technology creates the most immersive virtual event the food landscape has ever seen.


Plant-based revolution - What strategies do chefs around the world apply to adopt a seasonal and local cuisine? How can the gastronomic landscape and food industry promote the variety and variability of plants, animals, microorganisms and biocultural systems linked to food? How can we make our food system more sustainable and provide access to new, exciting and tasty food? Plants will take center-stage in everyone’s daily diet, let’s make the plant-based revolution happen!

Healthier Meals - How to implement personalized gastronomy for better health and enjoyment? How can new insights in fermentation and our gut microbiome improve health and taste? How to integrate allergen-free, diet sensitive dishes in your menu without compromising on taste or experience? We all want healthier, resilient and personalized diets to support our body and brain for an exciting life!

Kitchen 4.0 - How will cell-based meat taste? What strategies & technologies are next in foodtech? How can the taste of alternative foods be developed further? The future is here! Imagine growing and consuming food everywhere: in your kitchen, on your roof, and… in space.

Practical information

16 NOVEMBER 2020

Over 20 inspiring sessions by the world’s best chefs, local talent, innovative startups and top researchers will bring meaningful stories to life.

Registration is free on

Fix the broken food system - Eat the Gap!.

The EIT Food Ambassadors Programme

EATING THE GAP is part of the EIT Food Ambassadors Programme, a project funded by EIT Food - Europe’s leading food innovation initiative - with the aim of creating a sustainable and future-proof food sector. The initiative is made up of a consortium of key industry players, start-ups, research centres and universities from across Europe. It is one of six Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KIC) established by the European Institute for Innovation & Technology (EIT), an independent EU body set up in 2008 to promote innovation and entrepreneurship across Europe. Current consortium partners in the EIT Food Ambassadors Programme are the European Food Information Council (EUFIC), Doehler, Reading University, RethinkResource and Foodpairing.

End of press release

Information for journalists

Press contact: Peter Monbailleu - +32 495 12 74 37 -

Get in touch for more information, interviews and/or press material.

EATING THE GAP is presented by FOODPAIRING and EIT Food.


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