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Kitchen 4.0 - The future of food is already here!

Imagine growing and consuming food everywhere: in your kitchen, on your roof, and… in space. From Digital restaurants to cell-based meats. At Eating the Gap we will show you that the future of food is already here!

In our virtual kitchen we pair the world's best chefs, local talent, innovative startups and top researchers in the most immersive gastronomic experience the food landscape has seen to date. These game changers will bring meaningful stories to life by providing ingredients for change on sustainable, healthy, personalized and future-proof food. At Eating the Gap they lead the way by answering key questions and discussing solutions for the future of food .

What strategies & technologies are next in foodtech?

Our keynote speakers on Kitchen 4.0 will open the gateway to the future of food.

  • Max Elder is the Co-founder of Rely Foods and Co-author of the Institute for the Future (IFTF) report ‘Good Food is Good Business’ commissioned by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Max will share key insights from the report and discuss some of the future forces that will drive private-sector business opportunities towards more affordable, accessible, appealing, and nutritious foods.

  • Erich Eichstetter is the Tech & Startups Scout at LABe - the Digital Gastronomy Lab of the Basque Culinary Center. Take a tour with Erich through innovations for client experience in all aspects of the digital restaurant. Be ready for a keynote full of service & kitchen innovation.

  • Alessio D’antino is Founder & CEO at Forward Fooding, the driving force behind the FoodTech500 list. At Eating the Gap Alessio will amaze you with the latest insights on the European food tech landscape.

These keynote speakers will be joined by world-famous chefs Joan Roca, Olly Ceulenaere and many more. We welcome exciting initiatives such as The North Sea Chefs, and innovative start-ups, including Peace of Meat, Essento and Plant-based Seafood Co. They will provide answers to questions like:

  • How do top chefs future-proof their kitchen?

  • How will cell-based meat & plant-based alternatives taste?

Be inspired at Eating the Gap and get the latest insights on how to future-proof your kitchen!

Registration is completely free on

Let’s Eat the Gap!

16 NOVEMBER 2020

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