Dear Speaker/Partner/Guest of Eating the Gap 2020,

As you know, the Coronavirus hit everywhere. Worldwide, restaurants are ordered to close and events are cancelled. We want to let you know that we stand with everyone in the gastronomic landscape in these uncertain times.

Unfortunately so, these worldwide developments also leave their mark on our plans for Eating the Gap 2020. Although no official measures have been ordered at this moment that would lead to cancellation of the event, we have decided to postpone Eating the Gap 2020 until further notice.

Due to the highly international nature of the audience of Eating the Gap we would not be able to guarantee the health of everyone of our guests. We stand by the collective decision to reschedule until happier times.

We will keep everyone informed and we will come back to you in due time with an alternative date.

We hope to see you safe & healthy at Eating the Gap 2020!

Yours sincerely,

The Eating the Gap team

The start of the past decade saw the fruition of Foodpairing with a trilogy of highly successful gastronomic events called 'The Flemish Primitives'. These inspiring events focused on surprising pairings and new techniques used by chefs to elevate gastronomic experience. Since then, the food system has changed considerably. That’s why, at the start of this new decade, the creators of ‘The Flemish Primitives’ present a new, future-forward series of events:


Agricultural practices are destroying forests and threaten biodiversity. Our food system is responsible for 25% of global CO2-emissions. While ⅓ of the food we produce goes to waste, 820 million people go to bed everyday with hunger. More so, 2 billion people are lacking in micronutrients, while 650 million people are obese. The hidden costs of this food system for our health and ecology loss are $12 trillion per year and will grow to $16 trillion (equaling the GDP of China).

​Of course this wasteful system cannot be sustained. The food system should be taking care of us, the farmers, and the planet. Experts agree that encouraging people to adopt a more plant-rich diet is important to reduce the impact of food on the climate and improve your health.

We believe that restaurants, food service and the food industry have an important role to play in guiding and educating this menu change. They are the perfect ambassadors and educators to help people evolve towards a more sustainable and healthy diet without sacrificing deliciousness.

We want to overcome these gaps. Let's eat them together.


The new series of events titled ‘Eating the Gap’ provides inspiration, actionable insights and future-forward solutions to engage you with the much-needed transition. Foodpairing organizes this international congress to inspire, inform and empower you - food professionals, chefs and foodies - to make their kitchens future-proof.

Eating the Gap is held during the 'Flanders Food Week', which features the world famous ‘50 best restaurants’ ceremony the day after Eating the Gap and will attract journalists, chefs and food professionals from all over the world.


Get ready for a programme full of interesting speakers and immerse yourself in this future-forward experience!

Learn from the best on our mainstage, as we pair the world’s best chefs with a selection of food innovators and researchers. These experts will show and share their knowledge on sustainable, healthy, personalized and future-proof food. They will provide you with ingredients for change and hands-on solutions for you to use at home.

Take a deep-dive into fermentation 2.0 or learn about the role of food in the sustainable city in one of our break-out sessions. Therein speakers from multidisciplinary fields share their insights on the topic and engage in a panel discussion with the public, moderated by our Themeleaders.

Indulge yourself in the many wonders of our marketplace. We will create an overwhelming experience where you can see, hear, feel, smell and taste the future of sustainable gastronomy. Enjoy the wonderful taste of plant-based, touch and share trending and sustainable ingredients or drink beer made of bread while eating bread made of beer.

Imagine we could grow food anywhere: in your kitchen, on your roof, or… in space.

Don’t miss it - June 1st, 2020 at Ghent-ICC


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