• Jeroen Kerssies

Statement on COVID-19 and its impact on Eating the Gap

Dear Speaker/Partner/Guest of Eating the Gap 2020,

As you know, the Coronavirus hit everywhere. Worldwide, restaurants are ordered to close and events are cancelled. We want to let you know that we stand with everyone in the gastronomic landscape in these uncertain times.

Unfortunately so, these worldwide developments also leave their mark on our plans for Eating the Gap 2020. Although no official measures have been ordered at this moment that would lead to cancellation of the event, we have decided to postpone Eating the Gap 2020 until further notice.

Due to the highly international nature of the audience of Eating the Gap we would not be able to guarantee the health of everyone of our guests. We stand by the collective decision to reschedule until happier times.

We will keep everyone informed and we will come back to you in due time with an alternative date.

We hope to see you safe & healthy at Eating the Gap 2020!

Yours sincerely,

The Eating the Gap team




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