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Healthier Meals - personalized nutrition for better

We all want healthier, resilient and personalized diets to support our body and brain for an exciting life. At Eating the Gap we will show you why good food equals good mood and how personalized nutrition can contribute to better health and enjoyment.

In our virtual kitchen we pair the world's best chefs, local talent, innovative startups and top researchers in the most immersive gastronomic experience the food landscape has seen to date. These game changers will bring meaningful stories to life by providing ingredients for change on sustainable, healthy, personalized and future-proof food. At Eating the Gap they lead the way by answering key questions and discussing the latest developments in good food, the gut microbiome and personalized nutrition.

How to implement personalized gastronomy for better health and enjoyment?

  • Heston Blumenthal hardly needs an introduction... This creative mastermind has made his mark in food history through multi-sensory cooking and extraordinary food pairings. At Eating the Gap he will talk on how your microbiome & food affect your mood.

  • Richard Sprague is a long-time quantified self enthusiast and has taken it to the next level when it comes to his microbiome. He regularly tweets about his experiments at @sprague. At Eating the Gap he will share his methods for hacking your microbiome.

What impact does losing your taste & smell have on your enjoyment of food?

  • Prof. Masha Niv is associate professor Chemical Senses and Molecular Recognition at The Hebrew University of Jeruzalem. In the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic she teamed up with top researchers around the world in the Global Consortium for chemosensory research (GCCR). Together they research the loss of taste and smell in patients suffering from Covid-19. At Eating the Gap she will discuss the impact of losing your taste and smell for your food consumption and enjoyment.

  • Dr. Thomas Moors is the director, medical lead and research coordinator of Shout at Cancer! world's only charity specialised in speech training with music after laryngectomy, the surgical removal of the voice box, following throat cancer. At Eating the Gap Thomas will team up with Chef & Chocolatier Dominique Persoone to create personalized chocolates to give these people back their voice in taste!

These keynote speakers will be joined by renowned chefs Rudi van Beylen, Arabelle Meirlaen, Filip Claeys, Lieven Lootens and many more. Also, exciting research institutes and innovative companies, including Quadram Institute, Mybioma, R&D Food Revolution will provide answers to questions like:

How can new insights in our gut microbiome improve health and taste?

What does a professional athlete need to eat before a winning race?

Be inspired at Eating the Gap and get the latest insights on how to future-proof your kitchen!

Registration is completely free on

Let’s Eat the Gap!

16 NOVEMBER 2020


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