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Provide foods or drinks



Want to showcase your product?

We invite sustainable & innovative food initiatives, both local and European, to join our immersive marketplace experience. We invite people from different backgrounds, who are working on food products for sustainable solutions.

Are you creating food from waste? 

Do you make food innovation happen?

Is your idea shaking up the food industry?

Join us at Eating the Gap and share your work with the world!

How to apply

1 | Read the instructions on this page 

2 | Have a look at our themes (homepage) & find your fit

3 | Send an e-mail to 

4 | Apply  before April 15th, 2020

What to expect

Eating the Gap is not a fair, nor an expo. Instead, we will build an immersive marketplace experience around future foods, tasty plant-forward dishes and healthier meals. 

Our event is not about selling your brand, but sharing your idea!

Inspire the audience by letting them taste your product(s) and

inform them on how to engage with your future-forward idea.

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